FDA Puts Highest Risk Label On Dangerous Medical Device

When using any sort of medical device, users rightfully expect the device to work properly and provide relief for their symptoms. When these devices fail to work as intended, however, the results could be serious or even fatal. At the Shelton Law Group, our experienced injury attorneys in Louisville understand that the use of any [...]

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Speeding and Reckless Driving Can Have Fatal Consequences

While most drivers are well-aware of the dangers that speeding and reckless driving present to themselves and the drivers they share the road with, it’s not an uncommon site in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. Drivers weaving in and out of traffic or passing vehicles at high speeds is common on roads such as I-64, I-65, [...]

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Recent I-265 Accidents Raise Concern Over Driver Safety

Forming a ring around Louisville, Interstate 265 has seen its share of car accidents in recent years. With the city’s population rapidly increasing and traffic on the highways around the city increasing as well, some of these accidents turn fatal. Tragically, it’s not uncommon to see fatal accidents on this stretch of highway – known [...]

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Introduction to Shelton Law Blog

One of the issues that many people deal with when faced with an injury or illness caused by others is the lack of easily accessible information. Most people don't understand legal-speak or the language of academic law journals, so it seems that someone needs to disseminate this information to the community. The purpose of this [...]

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Prescription Drug Liability – Things You Should Know

The issues surrounding prescription drug liability are complex. As with any consumer product, there are federal safety standards that drug manufacturers must follow. The FDA determines whether and for what purpose a drug may be marketed, prescribed and sold, what information and warnings must be included on the label, and when it must be taken [...]

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Social Media in Lawsuits – Coyote Ugly Subpoenas Facebook

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are becoming an almost ubiquitous source of news, information and networking. More and more people are joining these sites every day - "In fact, two-thirds of the world's population that has access to the internet visits social networking or blogging sites." In today's web-obsessed society, people are putting [...]

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Does the False Claims Act Apply in Kentucky?

How can you file a claim on the False Claims Act from Kentucky? Does the "whistle blower" law apply to Kentuckians filing claims on companies in Kentucky or elsewhere? Yes, in Kentucky there are actions that can be taken to fight Corporate Fraud. The False Claims Act is a federal law that enforces liability on [...]

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How to File a Medical Malpractice Suit in Kentucky

Filing a medical malpractice suit in Kentucky is not something to take lightly. When we don't feel well, or need a procedure done in order to feel better, we put our trust in our doctors. These doctors are being paid very well and need to take their jobs seriously. However, there are some doctors who [...]

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Spotting Signs of Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home

Spotting signs of elderly abuse in a nursing home should not be taken lightly.   An estimated 2.1 million senior citizens are abused each year. This abuse can come in the form of physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse. Studies have shown that senior citizens who have been abused often die earlier than those [...]

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Preventing Elder Neglect and Abuse

Families who are looking to have elderly loved ones cared for, spend large amounts of money to have them stay in long-term care homes. These homes are supposed to be a safe haven for the elderly, with a medical staff available around the clock and workers who are dedicated to assisting those in need.   [...]

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