Five Ways to Lose Your Louisville Personal Injury Case

When you are injured in an accident, our Kentucky personal injury laws provide a way for you to recover compensation from the party who caused your accident.  However, there are several ways that you can sabotage your Louisville personal injury case without even knowing it. Below are five ways you can hurt your ability to recover full compensation for your damages, injuries, and losses. […]

Evidence Used In A Large Truck Accident Case

According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 761 people died in crashes on Kentucky roads in 2015. This represents a 13 percent increase in deaths from motor vehicle accidents from 2014. Deaths involving large trucks in Kentucky increased by 19 percent from 68 deaths in 2014 to 81 deaths in 2015. Large truck accidents are extremely dangerous for the occupants of other vehicles. In a large majority of crashes, the passengers of other vehicles sustain the injuries and deaths from the collision. In 2014, occupants of other vehicles comprised 73 percent of the deaths in large truck accidents. Of the people injured in large truck accidents during 2014, 74 percent were passengers of other vehicles. One of the main reasons for the large difference in who sustains the injuries and deaths in a commercial truck accident is the difference in size and weight of the vehicle. A passenger vehicle is no match for a commercial truck in a collision.  The passenger vehicle does not afford the same level of protection that a semi-tractor does for its occupants. Therefore, we see horrific and traumatic injuries for the people in the other vehicles. […]

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Common Terms Used In Lexington Personal Injury Cases

If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle crash, fall, or other personal injury accident, you will likely hear many terms that you have never used before, unless you have a previous accident claim. Therefore, it can be overwhelming at first until you learn some of the legal terms used in your case. Below are common terms we use in a personal injury case. Common Legal Terms Used In Accident Cases Affidavit: A sworn statement of facts provided by one of the parties to the accident, an eyewitness, expert, or other party related to the case. Adjuster: An adjuster works for the insurance company. The adjuster conducts an accident investigation, assesses the claim, and negotiates a settlement for the claim. Bodily Injury Claim – This claim covers the costs and damages related to your physical injuries. The claim includes financial and non-financial damages, explained below. Contingency Fee: Refers to a percentage of the compensation an accident victim receives that is paid to the attorney for representing the victim. The attorney only receives payment if the attorney obtains compensation on behalf of the accident victim. Damages: In personal injury cases, damages refer to the compensation awarded to an injury victim to compensate the victim for his injuries and losses. Defendant: The party against whom you file a lawsuit. In other words, the person or entity who caused your injuries. Expert Witness: A person whose education and experience qualify him or her to provide specialized testimony regarding the case. Eyewitness: An eyewitness is a person who sees the accident as it happens. […]

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Recorded And Written Statements In A Louisville Car Accident Claim

When you file a car accident claim, your claim is assigned an adjuster. In many cases, the insurance adjuster calls you even before you think to contact the insurance company. There are two very important things you need to keep in mind when dealing with an insurance adjuster: The insurance adjuster does NOT work for you, even if you are filing a claim against your car insurance policy; and, The insurance adjuster’s job is to pay as little as possible to settle your claim. Therefore, be extremely careful when dealing with an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies train their adjusters to use certain tactics to gain evidence that may be used against the accident victim to deny the claim or lower the amount paid on the claim. Recorded and written statements are a common tactic used by insurance adjusters. […]

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Social Media Posts Can Damage Your Kentucky Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured in an accident, you have already suffered greatly because of the negligence of another person or entity. We do not want you to suffer more because of mistake you make while your accident claim is pending. Therefore, our Louisville personal injury attorneys want to take this opportunity to warn you about the dangers of posting on social media sites after being injured in an accident. Are All Social Media Sites Dangerous? Yes!  Anything you post online is subject to being used against you in a personal injury case. Regardless of your privacy settings, someone can see what you post online. Furthermore, a good defense attorney conducts an online investigation in addition to filing a motion with the court to obtain your social media information. Below are examples of how seemingly innocent social media posts can harm your personal injury claim. […]

Can I Sue For Emotional Abuse In A Nursing Home?

Elder abuse is a serious problem in America. Millions of elderly individuals are abused each year in this country. One estimate states that 1 in 10 Americans 60 years and older are victims of abuse. Elder abuse occurs in any setting, including in nursing homes, assisted care facilities, hospitals, and at home. Additionally, elder abuse takes many forms. What Constitutes Elder Abuse? Elder abuse can take one of several different forms. Most people think about physical abuse when they hear about elder abuse. However, there are other forms of elder abuse, including: Financial abuse; Verbal abuse; Neglect; and, Emotional abuse. […]

Should I Be Worried About Falls In Nursing Homes?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), falls injure millions of elderly individuals each year in the United States. Almost three million senior citizens are treated in emergency rooms each year for fall injuries with over 800,000 patients being hospitalized after a fall. Approximately one in four adults 65 years and older experiences a fall each year. The risk of falling doubles for elderly individuals who have had a previous fall. […]

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Night Shift Workers May Be At Higher Risk For Car Accidents

Are you one of the more than 9.5 million people who work the night shift? Do you know someone who works the night shift? If so, the results of a recent study looking at the driving ability of night shift workers may interest you. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Study According to a study by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, night shift workers have a significantly higher risk of causing a traffic accident while driving home after work. The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, analyzed 16 night shift workers. Of those 16 workers, over one-third of the workers had near crashes driving after work. However, the very same drivers had no near crashes when driving the day after sleeping an average of 7.6 hours. […]

Louisville Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Often Stem From Diagnostic Errors

While we most often hear about the dramatic cases of medical malpractice wherein a surgeon accidentally leaves behind an implement or an anesthesiologist doesn’t properly monitor a young child during an operation, some of the more common mistakes stem from the diagnostic process.  Of course, these cases tend to be less dramatic and therefore not always so headline-worthy, but the ultimate outcome is often no less harmful. What’s worse, they are usually tougher to pinpoint. In some situation, a diagnostic error can result in serious, permanent injuries, disabling illnesses and even death. The Louisville injury attorneys at The Shelton Law Group are committed to representing those who suffer as a result of a negligent diagnostic error. Let’s start first by explaining that a diagnostic error is any diagnosis that is wrong, missed or improperly delayed. In some cases, a diagnostic error may involve a missed opportunity or breakdown in the diagnostic process. […]

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Do I Need Special Motorcycle Insurance In Kentucky?

Motorcycle accidents result in traumatic injuries each day in the United States. Because a motorcyclist lacks the protection of being in a vehicle, the injuries sustained in a crash are usually severe and costly. It is not uncommon for the damages in a motorcycle crash to reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars when you include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, future damages, physical pain, and emotional suffering. It can be very risky to ride a motorcycle these days given the number of accidents caused by distracted and reckless drivers. In order to protect yourself and protect your family, you need to understand the insurance coverage available to motorcyclists in Kentucky. Every motorcyclist should carry both uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage in order to protect themselves in the event of a motorcycle crash. […]