What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

A serious accident that results in a major injury can result in a long, complicated process to receive a settlement for a personal injury claim. While the victim may want to receive compensation very quickly to pay for mounting costs of medical care and other expenses, it is in the victim’s best interest to wait. In most situations, it is best to wait for settlement until you have reached maximum medical improvement or MMI. […]

Lump Sum Settlements In Injury Cases

Were you injured in a car accident, fall, or pedestrian accident? Is the insurance adjuster for the other person offering you a lump sum settlement for your case? If so, you need to consider your options carefully before you accept the settlement. Insurance companies understand what accident victims go through after an injury. They know that many victims are in a financial crisis trying to pay medical bills and make ends meet, especially if they were out of work for an extended time because of the injuries. While it may seem logical to accept a lump sum settlement, it may end up costing you money in the long run. If you have not consulted with a Louisville personal injury attorney, we strongly urge you to contact our office before you sign any forms regarding a settlement. Call 1-888-761-7204 for a free case evaluation! […]

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Hospital Errors, Medical Malpractice, a Leading Cause of Death in Kentucky?

Patients in emergency situations often have no choice about what hospital they are transported to, but those who are undergoing planned surgeries for heart conditions or otherwise seeking treatment for cancer or serious medical conditions have the opportunity to research hospitals in advance and may have a choice about where they undergo care. If you or a loved one is planning any procedure in a hospital, Medical Malpractice lawyers in Louisville, KY believe it is essential for patients to understand the risks and be aware of the high number of fatal medical mistakes occurring each year. Medical errors have long been a concern for patients, with studies as far back as 1998 estimating that around 98,000 people were killed each year because of preventable medical errors in hospitals. Now, however, new data indicates that the risk of death to due hospital negligence may be far greater than previously believed.  […]

Social Media Posts Can Damage Your Kentucky Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured in an accident, you have already suffered greatly because of the negligence of another person or entity. We do not want you to suffer more because of mistake you make while your accident claim is pending. Therefore, our Louisville personal injury attorneys want to take this opportunity to warn you about the dangers of posting on social media sites after being injured in an accident. Are All Social Media Sites Dangerous? Yes!  Anything you post online is subject to being used against you in a personal injury case. Regardless of your privacy settings, someone can see what you post online. Furthermore, a good defense attorney conducts an online investigation in addition to filing a motion with the court to obtain your social media information. Below are examples of how seemingly innocent social media posts can harm your personal injury claim. […]