Hospital Errors, Medical Malpractice, a Leading Cause of Death in Kentucky?

Patients in emergency situations often have no choice about what hospital they are transported to, but those who are undergoing planned surgeries for heart conditions or otherwise seeking treatment for cancer or serious medical conditions have the opportunity to research hospitals in advance and may have a choice about where they undergo care. If you or a loved one is planning any procedure in a hospital, Medical Malpractice lawyers in Louisville, KY believe it is essential for patients to understand the risks and be aware of the high number of fatal medical mistakes occurring each year. Medical errors have long been a concern for patients, with studies as far back as 1998 estimating that around 98,000 people were killed each year because of preventable medical errors in hospitals. Now, however, new data indicates that the risk of death to due hospital negligence may be far greater than previously believed.  […]

Delayed Diagnosis Medical Malpractice Leads to the Death of America’s Veterans

Many medical conditions require prompt diagnosis in order to be treatable and to prevent the risk of death. Unfortunately, veterans who are trying to obtain diagnostic exams at VA hospitals throughout the United States are struggling to get the care that they need. A recent investigation conducted by has revealed that veterans are dying because of unreasonable delays and backlogs that prevent them from getting gastrointestinal appointments and other access to care.  Veterans were promised medical assistance in exchange for their service, and this care needs to be provided by qualified physicians at hospitals that provide reasonable quality medical care.  The Federal Tort Claims Act allows veterans and surviving family members to pursue malpractice claims when hospitals and providers fail to live up to their obligations. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Louisville can help those who have been harmed by delays in diagnoses at veterans hospitals.  […]

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Preventing Louisville Sports Accidents This School Year

Accidents that occur when young people are playing sports result in about 8,000 children and young adults visiting emergency rooms every year in the United States. The National Athletic Trainers Association also indicates that there are an estimated 715,000 injuries each year among high school athletes.  More than seven million high school students in the United [...]

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Louisville Traffic Collisions Rarely "Accidents"

Government agencies including the Governors Highway Safety Association are responsible for helping to reduce collisions. While the agencies may be underfunded and may not do enough to make a major difference, some initiatives have helped to educate the public and make the roads safer.  If you or a loved one is involved in a collision, [...]

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New Technologies Aim to Combat Louisville Distracted Driving Accidents

There were 3,328 fatalities caused by distracted driving in 2012 and an additional 421,000 injuries in collisions with distracted drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is trying to bring those numbers down with its first ever national advertising and enforcement campaign.  Unfortunately, despite widespread bans on texting by drivers in 43 states, more [...]

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$9 Billion Actos Verdict Sends a Strong Message to Drug Companies

Drugs marketed by large corporations can sometimes cause more harm than good. If drug manufacturers know their product does present dangerous side effects or risks, these companies need to take swift action to inform doctors and the patients. But instead of sharing these important findings with the public, they sometimes try to conceal the information. [...]

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Study: Teens Exposed to Drunk Drivers More Likely to Drive under the Influence of Alcohol

Drunk driving is a serious public safety concern in Kentucky for drivers of all ages. For teenagers who lack overall driving experience, drinking and driving can be a particularly deadly combination. While it's important to educate young people about the dangers of drunk driving, a new study shows that it may be even more critical [...]

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FDA Launches Investigation to Determine Link Between Testosterone, Heart Attack Risk

Testosterone treatment is used by millions of men nationwide to treat "low-T" or hypogonadism, a condition characterized by abnormally low testosterone levels. Due in part to aggressive marketing from pharmaceutical companies asking men if they suffer from low-T, the sales of testosterone have increased fivefold since 2000. Unfortunately, testosterone treatment has been linked to dangerous [...]

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Routine Medical Procedures Give Rise to Thousands of Malpractice Cases

Patients every day undergo routine medical procedures like biopsies or medical image testing. These procedures are described as primary medical procedures and they should be simple routine tasks that doctors become very skilled at performing.  Unfortunately, a recent study indicates that out of 1,500 non-surgical medical malpractice claims made between 2007 and 2011, six common [...]

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Louisville Child Injuries & Risk of High Chairs

Brain injuries are serious at any age, but when young children experience a blow to the head it can have a profound impact on development over the course of their life. An open or closed head wound can cause bleeding to the brain, and even a mild concussion can result in a change to the [...]

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