Searching for a nursing home is a daunting task that no one enjoys. Placing your loved one in the hands of strangers is not an easy decision. Finding a nursing home that meets your needs and has a good reputation is important. You want your loved one in an environment where your loved one will receive exceptional care so he or she can thrive. One of the most common concerns when searching for a nursing home is elder and nursing home abuse. Being aware of the warning signs that indicate the facility you are considering may be a bad nursing home can help you avoid placing your loved one in the wrong facility.

Common Signs of a Bad Nursing Home

Avoid nursing homes with any of the following signs:

  • High Turnover Rate for Staff or Residents

When a nursing home loses patients and staff at a higher than average rate, this is a sign that something is wrong at the nursing home. Every nursing home will have some turnover; however, if it appears that residents and staff are leaving the facility in large numbers, look for another facility for your loved one.

  • History of Violations

Before placing your loved one in a nursing home, check with the state and for any violations. You should be able to find rating information for area nursing homes through the Medicaid office.

  • Foul Odors and Signs of Poor Maintenance

Unfortunately, there may be some odors that you notice when you visit a nursing home. However, extremely foul odors throughout the entire facility is a sign of lack of maintenance. The nursing home should be clean and orderly.  If you see dirty laundry, trash, or other signs that the facility is not being cleaned and maintained, this may be a sign that the residents are also neglected.

  • You Don’t See Any Residents

During the day, there should be some residents in the hall and common areas. If all or most of the residents are in their rooms with the doors closed, keep searching for a nursing home. Staff members should assist and encourage patients to get out of their rooms and socialize.

Trust Your Instincts

If you leave the nursing home feeling uneasy, trust that feeling. Regardless of how good a nursing home may appear, there could be several problems that make the nursing home a bad fit for your loved one. First impressions often leave you with a “gut feeling” about the staff and the facility. Don’t second guess yourself if you have doubts. It is better to keep searching for a facility that meets your needs and gives you a confident feeling.

Call Our Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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