Accident Prevention from a Kentucky Lawyer.

It is true, crash risk for teens is high, but even still crashes are preventable. There are multiple things you can do for vehicle accident prevention. Stay safe behind the wheel by acquiring driving skills alongside a parent or other trusted adult. Avoid dangerous and risky behaviors, such as forgetting to buckle up the seatbelt or driving too many friends around. You can prevent car crashes by practicing safe, considerate,  driving behaviors.


While talking or texting on a cell phone or driving your friends around are tempting, they are still dangerous distractions as they take the drivers focus off the road. Only use a cell phone in the car should there be case of an emergency. Even then, it is important to pull over to a safe location to make a call or text. For the first year of driving, do not carry peer passengers. After you have gained sufficient experience behind the steering wheel, consult your parents about driving your friends. And then talk to your friends about how they can help reduce distractions when they are in your car.


It is imperative that drivers always follow the posted speed limit. It’s was designed to help you stay in control of the car. Going any faster is hazardous, especially for new drivers who have little driving experience. Speed limits are established based on ideal conditions. So if you are driving at night, in bad weather, or in high traffic volume, you’ll likely need to adjust, and drive below the speed limit.

Driving At Night

All drivers need to adapt, and slow down while being more cautious at night as visibility is reduced. But with that said, experienced drivers are able to anticipate and avoid hazards more quickly than new drivers. With practice and time, you will become a better nighttime driver. Until that point, make sure to log plenty of practice hours with a trusted adult before driving alone, and then stick to familiar driving routes before venturing out on unfamiliar roads and routes.

Seat Belt Use

Make sure you buckle up every time you get into the car, as a driver or even as a passenger. It is the law in Kentucky, you must buckle up. For good reason too as crashes can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re going around the corner for a moment, or practice driving on the highway, your seat belt should always be on properly. The same is true for your passengers.

Car Accident 2

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The best way to protect yourself behind the wheel?  Gain experience over time, upon continued practice. Understand that restrictions set by your parents and Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws  in your state are designed to help you find the experience you need to become a safe driver. Following these rules, steps, guidelines, logging supervised miles on the road, and staying in control of your car and your passengers will help prevent you from crashing.

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