Get Advice for Avoiding Truck Accidents from a Kentucky Lawyer.

Commercial trucks like big rigs and delivery trucks present unique dangers to smaller vehicles and their passengers. Not only do truck drivers need to be aware of the dangers presented by their large and unwieldy vehicles, but other drivers also need to use extra caution while driving in their presence. Seemingly minor driving errors, like failing to signal before passing, can result in serious catastrophe when an eighteen-wheeler is involved, especially at elevated speeds.

Below is a discussion of some common occurrences that can cause or contribute to commercial truck accidents.

Truck Accidents Caused by Commercial Truck Drivers.

Big rig and other commercial truck drivers are skilled and patient drivers, for the most part. Certain tests, and permits ensure this is true. However, in addition to the dangers inherent in the size and weight of the trucks used in commercial transportation and shipping, a number of characteristics inherent in the business can contribute to traffic accidents. These include:

  • Inadequate training as to driving technique, safety concerns, and defensive driving.
  • Systems of compensation that encourage faster vehicle speeds and more hours of consecutive vehicle operation than would normally be advisable.
  • Unrealistic schedules and expectations of trucking companies that encourage drivers to hurry, despite safety risks involved.

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