Reasons Vary For Truck Accidents.
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Truck accidents happen for many reasons. But often, many truck accidents can be traced back to certain reckless behaviors by drivers of 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and other big rigs. At the Shelton Law Group, our Louisville truck accident lawyers have years of experience investigating some of the most serious accidents in Kentucky. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth. We take such an aggressive approach since we know how important such cases are to injury victims. People need to be compensated to pay for their injuries, medical expenses and other costs associated with their accident.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents we deal with at the Shelton Law Group include:

  • Overloaded trucks
  • Sleeping truck drivers
  • Speeding truckers
  • Drunk truck drivers
  • Unskilled truck drivers

Truck drivers are held to a higher standard than the average driver of a passenger car. The drivers and their companies must follow the strict rules and regulations outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an arm of the Department of Transportation that regulates the interstate trucking industry.

If a truck company knowingly hired a truck driver with a history of drinking and driving or the driver did not have the required licenses or skills, you may also have grounds for a trucking company liability case.

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