Reading Your Kentucky Accident Report.
When You’ve Been in a Car Accident, You Need to Know Your Rights!

It’s natural to have more questions than answers after you’ve been in a Kentucky car accident. Obtaining and reading your Kentucky Uniform Police Traffic Collision Report should be the least of your concerns. But many accident victims often find themselves left with a number of questions about their accident report. For your convenience, our car accident lawyers in Louisville have compiled a list of what to look for on your Kentucky accident report.

Kentucky Uniform Police Traffic Collision Reports are compiled by Kentucky law enforcement officials at the scene of an accident. These reports often contain important information about your accident, including injuries reported at the scene, how the accident occurred and contributing factors that might reveal negligence. Carefully review the information below. If you have questions after reading tips from our Kentucky car accident lawyers, don’t hesitate to contact Shelton Law Group at 888-761-7204.

Contact us today with any questions regarding your Kentucky accident report. We would be happy to help you interpret it free of charge. Call our Louisville KY personal injury lawyers at 888-761-7204. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you get your life back on track.