Children and pediatric closed head and traumatic brain injuries.

The Shelton Law Group represents parents and children who have suffered traumatic brain injury. We realize that brain injured clients and their families look to us to not only manage their brain injury claim and the legal work required to obtain fair compensation for their losses, but also to provide the legal guidance, support and information they need to deal with the extreme difficulties children and pediatric head injuries present.

Traumatic brain injury in children differ significantly from traumatic brain injury in adults. Because the child’s brain is still developing, injury may alter the course of development of the brain and its functions. Because the child’s brain is less developed than the adult’s, its plasticity offers hope that the damaged tissue in areas of deficit will be by-passed and other parts of the child’s brain will take over for those injured areas that no longer work well.

After a brain injury, previously learned information, which provides information building blocks for subsequent learning, is retained and used. However, in very young children, these building blocks are relatively few, handicapping them as learners in comparison to similarly brain-injured older children or adults, who have larger foundations of intact information.

The affects of the traumatic brain injury or closed head injury on the child may not be seen directly after injury, but only become apparent in the child’s life when, if during the child’s development, affected skills are called upon. For example, problems in abstract thinking may not be evident until the child with a traumatic brain injury or closed head injury reaches an age when abstract thinking enters the realm of possibility for any child at that developmental level. Because of this lag in the emergence of problems, the cause of the problems (head injury) may not be identified. Frequently, such problems are dealt with inappropriately as if they are due to learning disabilities or emotional causes. This mis-perception by teachers, parents, and others can devastate the child, because the strategies used to help a child with traumatic injury or a closed head injury are different from those used to address similar problems that stem from other causes

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