This summer, several school bus accidents occurred affecting children throughout Kentucky. For example, on July 11, Wave 3 News reported that a bus accident occurred while children were on their way from a YMCA Day Camp to an off-campus field trip. The bus accident resulted in 12 children being sent to the hospital. The kids aboard the bus were between the ages of five and eight.  The accident occurred almost one month to the date of another bus accident crash that happened on June 11. In the June accident, WDRB reported that dozens of students were taken to Louisville hospitals after a serious school bus crash. 911468_school_bus_with_child

While these accidents happened for different reasons, they illustrate the risks that children face when riding in school buses. Our Louisville accident lawyers know that bus drivers are required to have special commercial licenses and training in order to operate buses safely. Unfortunately, accidents still happen and kids are put in danger. As many children do not wear seat belts on school buses, there is high potential for someone to be seriously hurt when a wreck occurs.

Bus Accidents in Kentucky

The later of the two reported bus accidents occurred at approximately 11:55 in the morning when the bus was headed north on Buechel Bypass. A white Toyota Corolla that was moving eastbound reportedly ran a red light at Hikes Lane and the bus hit the side of the Toyota, causing extensive damage.

When the crash occurred, many of the young children were thrown from their seats.  The reported injuries included bumps, bruises and scrapes and while 12 of the kids were hurt badly enough to be transported to the hospital, Wave 3 said that none of the injuries were thought to be serious.

However, it is important to remember that a blow to the head or the impact from a car crash could have lasting consequences for these young accident victims and not all injuries show up immediately after the crash. Still, it is hopeful that the kids in this bus crash will all be OK.

Unfortunately, the young people involved in the other Kentucky bus accident were not so lucky. That accident happened in early June on westbound Interstate 64 near the Jefferson County Lane. The kids aboard the bus were returning from a trip to visit Eastern Kentucky University when the school bus blew a tire and swerved, traveling from the far left lane into the far right lane. The bus then crashed into the concrete median.

Six of the passengers aboard the bus were reportedly critically injured by the accident, and as many as 30 to 40 adults and kids were hurt by the wreck.  The medical problems varied from leg trauma to pain in the head and neck, and the victims were transported to five different area hospitals throughout Louisville.

The outcome was much more serious in this wreck, of course, but any kids involved in bus accidents are potentially at risk of complications that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Determining whether the bus driver, bus company or other motorists are to blame is essential when kids are involved in a crash as the responsible party may be required to compensate the injured victims.

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