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Attorney Shelton has been one of the top 10 lawyers in the state of Kentucky since 1998, according to the Kentucky Trial Court Review, with jury verdicts exceeding one million dollars. This success has lead Mr. Shelton to become a lifetime member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum is reserved for attorneys who have obtained settlements or verdicts for clients in excess of $2 million.

Listed below is a sampling of some of the Shelton Law Group’s most impressive verdicts. To learn more about any of these cases or to schedule a free consultation with us, call 1-888-761-7204.

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$10,000,000+ Fraud/Breach of Contract: This settlement was achieved on behalf of approximately 360 airline pilots who alleged they had been fraudulently induced into continuing to fly for commercial airlines who were soon to be put out of business by a major national commercial airline. The settlement was reached after three days of protracted negotiations. The key to settling the claims was a favorable jury trial verdict received by one of our clients years earlier in the amount of $1.75 million, including $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

$5,073,126 Wrongful Death/Product Liability/Asbestos: This jury verdict was obtained in Marshall County, Kentucky on behalf of the estate of a union pipe-fitter who died from asbestos-related lung cancer. After settling with numerous other defendants, we proceeded to trial with our client against the two remaining defendants. In addition to awarding the Plaintiffs estate medical and funeral expenses, the jury awarded the estate $5,000,000 for the pain and suffering the plaintiff experienced from the time of his diagnosis to the date of his death.

$4,850,000 Workplace Negligence: A highly paid union plumber suffered a career-ending ulnar injury in a construction accident. The man stepped through an unprotected area of duct work, fell and landed hard on sharp stainless steel scrap. The scrap metal completely severed his ulnar nerve (located in the arm), and the man now has limited use of his hand. He alleged negligence by a sheet metal firm for failing to cover the duct work and not cleaning up the scrap metal. A Louisville jury awarded $4.85 million, $3.3 million of which was for future lost wages, or impairment of ability to earn wages. It was the largest verdict recorded by the Kentucky Trial Court Review since 1999.

$3,200,000 Wrongful Death/Product Liability/Asbestos: This mesothelioma cancer asbestos case was settled during trial. The deceased plaintiff was a career auto mechanic. He contracted mesothelioma cancer from his occupational exposure to asbestos-containing automobile products, including brakes.

$2,314,749 Wrongful Death/ Product Liability/ Asbestos/ Punitive Damages: The trial judge in the Marshall County, Kentucky case discussed above ordered a new trial because he ruled that the jury in that case should have assigned some responsibility to the other defendants with whom plaintiff had settled prior to trial. Following the conclusion of this second trial, the jury again found in favor of the plaintiff and against the same two defendants. In addition, to compensatory damages, this second jury also assessed $700,000 in punitive damages against defendants.

$2,064,375 Wrongful Death/Product Liability/Asbestos: This verdict was rendered by a jury in federal court against an asbestos gasket manufacturer in favor of the estate of a deceased union pipefitter who died of mesothelioma cancer. The unanimous verdict was rendered after approximately one and a half weeks of trial.

$1,750,000 Fraud/Breach of Contract/Punitive Damages: This Jefferson County (Louisville) Kentucky jury verdict included $1,000,000 in punitive damages. The plaintiff, one of approximately 360 airline pilots who joined our lawsuit, alleged he had been fraudulently induced to remain employed with his soon-to-be defunct commercial airline upon a promise that he would be hired by a new commercial airline in the future. After a three week jury trial, the jury found that the new airline had defrauded our client by essentially lying to him and awarded him $750,000 in past and future lost wages, in addition to $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

$1,521,000 Wrongful Death/ Product Liability/ Asbestos/ Punitive Damages: This verdict was rendered by a Jefferson County (Louisville) Kentucky jury in favor of the estate of a union pipefitter who died of asbestos-induced lung cancer. The verdict was rendered against two defendants, an asbestos gasket manufacturer and a Louisville chemical plant owner who had extensive asbestos products throughout its plant. The verdict included a punitive damage award of $400,000.

$1,500,000 Premises Liability/Brain Injury to Minor: Our client was an eleven year-old boy who sustained a brain injury when he unsuspectingly rode his bicycle into the large bowl at the Louisville Extreme Park. The City of Louisville maintained that users of the park, including plaintiff, had been adequately warned of the dangers involved and that they were to use the park at their own risk. However, after proving that the minor plaintiff was just one of several individuals who had seriously injured themselves in a similar way and the City did nothing to prevent future similar injuries from occurring, the Kentucky Court of Appeals unanimously held that the City could be held liable for negligently failing to either make the Extreme Park safe and/or failing to adequately warn users of the hidden dangers in the Park. Shortly after this Kentucky Court of Appeals ruling, the City settled this case.

$1,395,000.00 Wrongful Death/Product Liability/Asbestos: This mesothelioma cancer asbestos case against two defendants settled after less than one year of litigation. The deceased plaintiff contracted mesothelioma cancer by removing and installing asbestos-containing brakes.

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