“It has been my pleasure to have been associated with Robert Shelton since August of 2008. I reached out to Rob based on a referral from a mutual associate, to handle a medical claim incurred during an injury. During the process of trying to reach a settlement, Rob was always available to answer my questions and alleviate my anxiety. His calming and soothing manner in handling my concerns always left me with a satisfactory feeling. Rob has an excellent mastery of his profession and I was impressed with his constant control of the final negotiations. The settlement was in my favor, and I was satisfied with the outcome. I must say that Rob commands my respect and admiration.”
Keith Bennett
“I have the utmost confidence in Rob, he handles a case for me in Bullit County against the City of Louisville. He is an outstanding gentleman. If I ever go to court again, he will be the man I call”
Robert Alberhasky
“Rob is a great attorney, one of the best, in my opinion. I had a very difficult case and he was understanding and patient with me. I really appreciate all his hard work.”
J. H.
“I felt like I was one of his family. Rob just worked so hard for me, and I appreciate everything that he personally did for me”
“I really didn’t think that we would have a shot at winning our case. After our initial consultation with Rob, he convinced me to move forward. He was very aggressive and had such extreme attention to detail that he not only won our case, he was able to do so within a matter of months, not years, as we had initially thought it would take. I was very, very pleased.”
David, Real Estate Developer
“I can’t say Thank You enough for all the hard work that Rob put into my case. The outcome was proof of his hard work and dedication. It was a pleasure working with him.”
“I am a Board certified senior pediatric cardiologist in Kentucky who had a greatful experience with Mr. Rob Shelton. I was involved in a high-profile federal case as the plaintiff and Mr.Shelton was my lawyer. Previous to filing I had being involved with a reputable national law firm at a great financial expense to me. It was a senior partner of the law firm who recommended Mr.Shelton and, after meeting with him I decided to hire Rob to defend me. The case involved two large organizations as defendants so I knew that it would be a difficult road to travel.

I was able to witness how passionate and professional is Mr.Shelton. He took the time to listen to me first before finalizing a strategic action plan. And it worked. After a reasonable amount of time, we were able to negotiate a settlement with the defendants. There was no need for formal mediation as the negotiations were carried in a very respectful way. Mr. Shelton was stern when he had to be and yet flexible if necessary to reach our goal, a reasonable settlement with the other parties involved. It was amazing how Mr. Shelton debated with several other highly-respected lawyers to counter attack their claims, yet keeping his temper atuned to the situation.

I would hire Mr.Shelton at any time although I hope that this would not be necessary.”

Juan Villafane