The report is in — traffic deaths are on the rise again for 2016. As reported in The New York Times, the number of deaths in U.S. traffic accidents rose again in 2016. The National Safety Council (NSC) released its estimates for traffic fatalities.

According to the NSC estimates, traffic fatalities rose 6 percent from 2015 to 2016. During 2016, 40,200 people died in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. The number of deaths from traffic accidents rose 7 percent in 2015. However, 2016 was the first year that traffic deaths exceeded 40,000 since 2007.

Why Do We See Increases in The Number of Traffic Deaths?

There are several factors that contribute to the rise in the number of deaths from traffic-related accidents. According to the Times story, factors that contribute to the rise in traffic deaths include:

  • The improving economy has put more drivers on the road;
  • Drivers are adding more miles for work and pleasure because of the improved economy;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Failure to wear seatbelts; and,
  • Drunk driving.

In addition to the above factors, drowsy or fatigued driving is becoming a larger problem throughout the United States, especially with shift workers, truck drivers, and teen drivers. Road rage and aggressive driving have also resulted in more accidents.

Regardless of the reasons, traffic related deaths leave families broken both emotionally and financially. The only remedy the law can offer is filing a Louisiana wrongful death lawsuit.

What Should I File a Louisiana Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

No amount of money will replace your loved one or ease your suffering. Unfortunately, that is all the legal system can offer because it cannot undo the accident that resulted in the death of your loved one. A wrongful death lawsuit can serve several purposes:

  • It can provide much needed financial support for your family as you struggle to overcome the loss of income provided by your loved one.
  • A lawsuit can serve as punishment for the negligent driver as well as warn other drivers that our legal system will not tolerate the type of behavior that resulted in the crash.
  • Wrongful death lawsuits can help family members find some closure as they seek justice on behalf of their loved one.

A lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind after losing your loved one. However, you should give yourself the opportunity to learn about your legal rights and how a Louisville wrongful death attorney can help you as you work to overcome the senseless and untimely death of your loved one.

Call A Louisville Wrongful Death Attorney for More Information

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Don’t wait to contact our office. Your time to file a wrongful death lawsuit under Louisiana law is limited. By waiting to contact an attorney, you could lose your right to hold the driver who caused the death of your loved one responsible for his negligent, careless, and reckless behavior.

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The New York Times, “Rise in U.S. Traffic Deaths Reported for a Second Year,” Neal E. Boudette, Feb. 15, 2017