In a tragic car accident earlier this month, four teenagers were injured when the vehicle they were in struck a tree in the 10300 block of Fox Avenue. WDRB reported that the four Fairdale High students were on their way home from school when the driver lost control of the vehicle before leaving the road and colliding with a tree.

According to the WDRB news story, two passengers were ejected from the vehicle in the collision. Those two passengers and the driver were transported to University Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The third passenger was transported to Norton Children’s Hospital with minor injuries. Speed appears to be a factor in the crash.

Teaching Teens About Safe Driving

It is one of the worst nightmares parents have about their teens when they begin driving — the call saying there has been a car accident. While parents cannot prevent all accidents, parents can take steps to ensure their teens have the information and skills necessary to make good driving decisions. Parents can also set rules and use technology to help teens avoid bad driving habits that can lead to car accidents.

Stay Involved

It takes time to learn the skills necessary to become a safe driver. A six-week course or even a six-month course is not going to teach your teen all he or she needs to know to become a responsible driver. The more you stay involved in the process of teaching your teen to drive, the better you can judge when your teen is ready to take each step toward driving without supervision.

One of the best things you can do is ride with your teen driver as often as possible. The more your teen drives with you in the vehicle, the more constructive instruction you can give regarding various driving situations. As your teen driver gains more experience, expose him or her to different driving conditions, such as driving at night, in the rain, on the interstate, and in heavy traffic. Your teen driver needs experience driving in all situations to become a safe driver.

Drivers Education Courses

There are numerous online and in-person driver education courses that are excellent for teaching your teen to drive. Even though you know your child better than anyone else does, it often helps to have a professional work with your teen driver as he or she is learning driving skills. A professional instructor can provide training in ways that you may not think of or even be aware of as a parent.

New Technology To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

The technology available today for parents to keep their teen drivers safe is amazing. Some newer vehicle models allow parents to limit the radio volume and set speed alerts. Parents can even receive trip reports that analyze their teen’s driving behavior. In addition, several after-market solutions are available to help parents monitor their teen’s driving habits.

The following websites have more information about how you can help your teen driver develop safe driving habits:

Help With Lexington Car Accidents

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