When you are injured in an accident, our Kentucky personal injury laws provide a way for you to recover compensation from the party who caused your accident.  However, there are several ways that you can sabotage your Louisville personal injury case without even knowing it. Below are five ways you can hurt your ability to recover full compensation for your damages, injuries, and losses.

  1. Don’t Go To The Doctor

In order to recover compensation for injuries in a Louisville personal injury case, you must prove you suffered damages because of the accident. Saying you were injured is not sufficient. You need medical evidence to back up your allegations. If you wait too long to seek medical treatment, the insurance company for the other driver will argue that you were injured after the accident and/or you are not as severely injured as you claim to be. Therefore, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention to protect your health and your personal injury claim.

  1. Sign A Release

The insurance adjuster will request that you sign a release to obtain medical records. This is not in your best interest. The insurance adjuster wants to obtain copies of all of your medical records to search for information the company can use to deny your claim. You should consult with a Kentucky personal injury attorney before signing any documents for the insurance company.

  1. Provide A Statement

The insurance adjuster may ask that you provide a written or recorded statement. Again, the insurance adjuster is trying to obtain information to use against you. He wants to do this before you have the opportunity to consult with an attorney. Meet with one of our personal injury lawyers before you provide any statements regarding your accident, injuries, or recovery.

  1. Settle A Claim Without Consulting With An Attorney

Valuing a Louisville personal injury claim can be complicated, especially if the accident victim has future expenses. Insurance adjusters love people who are willing to settle a claim without an attorney.  Some adjusters tell people they can receive more money if they don’t hire an attorney.  This is not true. In many cases, having an attorney increases the amount you recover because an experienced attorney understands how to correctly calculate the value of a personal injury claim.

  1. Post On Social Media

Don’t make the mistake of believing your posts on social media are private. Nothing you post on social media is completely private. Your friends can share information or your account can be hacked. The defense may be able to gain access to the information through a subpoena. It is best to avoid using social media until your personal injury claim has been settled.

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