A class-action lawsuit has been filed against retailer Forever 21 by employees who claim that the company routinely failed to pay them for time worked. In the lawsuit filed in San Francisco, California, five employees alleged that the Los Angeles-based clothing maker routinely made them work through meal breaks and kept them in the stores after clocking out in order to check their bags for stolen merchandise, as reported by the Huffington Post. The five employees who filed the lawsuit are seeking damages for the hours they worked during breaks and off the clock. If class-action status is granted by the court, cumulative damages could total in the millions if large numbers of workers at Forever 21 suffered the same problems alleged in the Complaint.

Kentucky’s wage and hour laws require employers to pay employees if they work through their meal breaks and for any other required work-related activities. Employers who violate these wage and hour laws are not only liable for back pay, but also for the employees’ attorney’s fees incurred in bringing the wage and hour claim/lawsuit.

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