With the latest revelations about Infuse, many Kentuckians are wondering how the anticipated
Infuse litigation will affect Kentucky spine fusion patients.
Attorney Rob Shelton is now representing anyone in Kentucky who was given Infuse during spine
fusion surgery between 2000 and 2010. Patients are experiencing serious side effects as a direct result
of the drugs, including unnecessary bone growth, nerve damage, sterility in men, and even cancer.
According to a special report in “The Spine Journal,” doctors who were sponsored by Medtronic
had written 13 different research reports that hid or downplayed these side effects. “The Spine
Journal” report criticized numerous doctors across the country, including several in Kentucky, for
not being honest in these reports about the side effects of a dangerous product they were using on
The Spine Journal report stated these doctors knew the dangers of the drug Infuse, but they did not
share those concerns in the 13 reports that were published over the ten year period in a number of
different medical journals.
Infuse is bone growth protein made in Minneapolis by Medtronic, a medical device manufacturer.
Medtronic was sponsoring these doctors over the course of that period paying them millions of
dollars to promote the drug and increase its usage. The doctors were being sponsored and earning
large sums of money for doing so, while at the same time increasing the income of the company.
Never did these doctors come clean about the side effects of the drug. If they had, we believe it
would have limited the profit they were making.
According to the Spine Journal, Infuse was between 10 to 50 times more likely to have a negative or
dangerous side effect than a regular bone graft taken from the patient’s own hip.
Thousands of people were unknowingly put at risk over the course of the last decade, and given
these drugs without understanding the risks and serious side effects they faced. During that same
period of time Medtronic made hundreds of millions of dollars.
Any doctors in Kentucky named in the Infuse investigations will be under intense scrutiny and face
many questions as to what led them to go along with the reports downplaying the risks associated
with these drugs. There will more than likely be a large number of court cases stemming from this
situation, and the Shelton Law Group is representing anyone who now suffers from unnecessary
bone growth, nerve damage, male sterility, or cancer as a result of receiving Infuse.
We are asking anyone who was given Infuse during spine fusion surgery to contact our hotline at
888-761-7204, or to visit our website at www.robsheltonlaw.com.