The holidays can be very difficult for people who are unable to leave home, even to go to the grocery store or walk through the park. You can make a difference in an elderly person’s life this holiday season by trying to visit and spend additional time with him or her during the holidays. With many families living in different towns or states, some elderly shut-ins have no family members to visit them during the holidays. Just a simple, small gesture on your part may be the very thing that brings tremendous joy to a person’s life.

What Can You Do to Help a Shut-In During the Holidays?

Below are several ways you can make the holidays a little less lonely for a shut-in:

  • Just spend time with the person. Read a book together, look at old photographs, take a walk through the park (if possible), take them Christmas shopping, look at holiday lights, or just sit and listen. In most cases, a shut-in does not care what you do together just that you do something together.
  • Send holiday cards to shut-ins for every occasion. It is wonderful to open the mailbox to receive a cheerful card and a handwritten note. Also, help them write their cards to send to friends and relatives.
  • If visiting a nursing home or assisted care facility, inquire with the facility about groups of children and adults coming to spend time singing holiday songs and decorating crafts with residents.
  • Help a shut-in decorate his or her home for the holidays and make a “date” after the holidays to pack it all away and cook a New Year’s Day meal.
  • Organize a small gathering of friends and family at the shut-in’s home. Take care of all preparation, food, set-up, and clean-up.
  • Ask them to teach you a craft such as cross stitch or knitting. Make “dates” to come for lessons.
  • Plant flowers or bushes in the yard to help brighten things up.
  • Help them wrap Christmas presents for relatives.

Depending on health concerns and needs, check with the person’s family and/or physician to ensure he or she is healthy enough for any activity.

Report Elder Abuse in Kentucky

Spending time with seniors during the holidays gives you the added opportunity to look for signs of elder abuse. If you suspect a senior citizen is being abused, take immediate action. Report elder abuse to your local law enforcement agency and Department of Social Services. You can also call the Kentucky Elder Abuse Hotline at 1-800-752-6200. If you believe your loved one is being abused, you should also consult with a Lexington elder abuse lawyer.

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