Distracted driving is extremely dangerous for motorists, with a driver on a cell phone estimated to have a crash risk as great as 23 times the risk of a person who is not distracted while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, despite the known dangers of distracted driving, many motorists continue to make dangerous choices behind the wheel by focusing on things other than the road. 875772_pda_in_hands

Our Louisville car accident lawyers know that distracted driving is a problem among people of all ages, and that things are only getting worse as more people embrace smartphones and new technologies. Many efforts have been made to combat this problem throughout the United States, and WDRB.com reports that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has now launched an exciting new initiative to help teach local residents about distracted driving dangers.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Emphasizes Distracted Driving Dangers

As WDRB reports, distracted driving is a major cause for concern for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and for local Kentucky law enforcement. One Kentucky trooper, Ronald Turley, specifically cited behaviors such as eating in the car, distracted passengers, loud music, and changing CDs as dangerous distractions.  Police believe that these types of activities, while not as well-publicized as cell-phone related distractions, are just as dangerous as texting and driving.

Turley believes that distracted driving is one of the state’s “major issues when it comes to fatalities and our injury accidents,” and he is not the only one.  Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Executive Director Bill Bell, also lamented the fact that people are addicted to their phones and on those phones more than they need to be when driving a car.  Bell not only believes that phones are dangerous but also warns that the number two top cause of distracted driving accidents is having children in the car distracting you.

The concerns of the transportation cabinet and local law enforcement are not unfounded, as thousands are injured and killed each year and as data has shown that distracted driving can cause similar increases in traffic accident risk as drunk driving. In fact, Turley said that when motorists call to report dangerous drivers, the motorists often incorrectly report that the dangerous driver is drunk when he is really distracted.

Obviously, these unsafe motorists are making Kentucky’s roads high-risk. Fortunately, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials aren’t standing by on the sidelines. Officials are taking a distracted driving simulator, the D2, on tour.

The D2 Distracted Driving simulator has been around for eight years and allows drivers to turn, cruise, brake and coast in lifelike situations, both while distracted and while paying full attention to the road. The simulator records when motorist’s eyes are off of the road. After driving the course, motorists are shown their reaction time both when distracted and when not distracted.

Hopefully, the D2 Distracted Driving Simulator, which will be making an appearance at high schools, community events and corporate events, will help to convince Kentucky residents that they should be more careful and avoid distractions in order to stay safe behind the wheel.

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