Victims of trucking accidents often suffer serious personal injury including broken bones, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Drivers of smaller vehicles should be aware that trucks have certain speed, turning, visibility and braking limitations.  Many truck accidents occur because of these limitations.  Other causes of catastrophic trucking accidents include:

·         A truck diver’s lack of experience or training

·         Dangerous or reckless truck driving

·         Overloaded or oversized trucks

·         Poor driving conditions (fog, snow or rain)

·         Truck defects (defective tires, safety systems, lights, etc.)

·         Speeding

·         Aggressive driving

·         Driver fatigue

·         Inadequate lighting

·         Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Who can be liable?

Possible parties who may be held liable for a serious truck accident injury include:

·         The truck driver

·         The trucking company

·         Contractors

·         Employers

·         Insurance companies

If a truck driver is employed by a trucking or shipping company, that company may be held responsible for the driver’s negligence.  Establishing the liability of third parties can be difficult, if as is often the case, the driver is an independent contractor of a larger company.  In that situation, it is important to have an experience truck accident attorney on your side.

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