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Dog Attacks/Bites Against Children

Although dog attacks affect all people, most injuries are seen in children. Dog attacks are the leading reason for trips to the emergency room for children. Particularly for children 10 and under, these attacks can cause severe and lasting laceration injuries. 77% of dog injuries in small children involve their heads and faces.

Home is the Likeliest Place for Dog Bites

Dog attacks and bites are very common in the United States. It is estimated that there are over $2 billion dollars a year in damages for dog attacks in the US alone. As little as 61% of these attacks occur in the dog owner’s home or neighborhood. Familiar dogs often will attack even if no perceived threat exists.

Key Steps to Take After a Suffering a Dog Bite Wound in Louisville, Kentucky

The law requires that a dog bite victim be diligent in limiting his/her losses and documenting the injury claim in order to be indemnified. Generally people do not want to sue their friends or their neighbors because they do not understand the laws regarding dogs in general. The following tips can help:

1) Notify a first responder – Even if you think the bite is not a significant injury you should call EMS. An untreated dog bite could lead to rabies or serious infection which could then lead to amputation. A claw scratch, however minor it may seem, could have serious consequences. Seek emergency treatment fast.

2) Determine ownership of the animal – This person should be put on notice of the bite so that he/she can secure the animal.

3) Identify liability insurance coverage – There could be more than one insurance policy with available coverage. In most cases the dog owner’s home insurance will provide coverage. An attorney can be very helpful in identifying all available insurance coverage.

4) Notify the local Louisville Metro Animal Control, Louisville Metro Police and file a complaint – One or more of these agents may want to impound the animal in question to prevent further attacks or to perform tests for mange, rabies or other diseases. These agencies will also file a report that an insurance company may require before paying on any dog bite claim.

5) Maintain all Evidence – Take photos of the attack location; holes in fences the dog escaped through; names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses; photos of the injury; maintain the clothes with the blood on it, ect. All of this documentation can affect the value of your dog bite injury case.

Dog Bite Cases and Strict Liability

There are some states that in order for a victim to sue a dog owner, the animal must have bitten another person at least once in the past. This is not true for Kentucky. In Kentucky, the legislature has decreed that a dog owner is strictly liable in the event his or her dog attacks another person. The dog does not have to be deemed “dangerous” in order for the victim to obtain compensation for bodily injury and emotional harm caused by the animal.

What You Must Prove

In order to recover money, you must first prove:

1) The victim was not a trespasser – The dog bite must have occurred on either public property or on private property with real or implied permission to be on the land.

2) Who owns or controls the dog – The owner of the dog and/or the person in charge or control of the dog at the time of the bite must be identified.

3) The victim suffered an injury – To the point that monetary compensation may be awarded.

Types of compensation that can be awarded:

  • Lost Wages – this includes time off work, including a lost job if too much time off work results in the loss of employment.
  • Recovery of Hospital and Therapy Bills – this includes future therapy, as well as past, present and future medications for mental and physical pain.
  • Past, Present and Future Pain and Suffering
  • Punitive Damages – In extraordinary circumstances, an intentional act by the dog owner in directing the attack or by being grossly negligent in allowing the attack to occur, could expose the dog owner to an award of punitive damages designed to punish and deter such conduct.

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