Government agencies including the Governors Highway Safety Association are responsible for helping to reduce collisions. While the agencies may be underfunded and may not do enough to make a major difference, some initiatives have helped to educate the public and make the roads safer. car accident 1

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Reducing Collision Risks with Road Safety Efforts

The GHSA has published a recent report on the state of its road safety efforts. According to the data on the agency’s activities over the past fiscal year, there is still a long way to go to reducing serious risks on the roads. However, progress has been made. For example:

  • The dangers of distracted driving have become much more widely understood in recent years. In 2010, only 28 states said that distracted driving was a safety issue they needed to pay attention to. Now, 40 states acknowledge the dangers of distracted driving. More states have enacted laws and conducted public safety programs to raise awareness. Last year, 20,000 people also visited GHSA information on distracted driving.
  • Efforts are underway to educate teens on collision risks. Unfortunately, motor vehicle collisions remain the top cause of fatalities among people between the ages of 15 and 20. However, GHSA has been partnered with Ford to operate a Driving Skills for Life Program for the past 11 years. The program awarded $100,000 to state highway offices last year to promote teen driving safety. Teens continue to be killed, but the rates of drunk driving are down and more young people know that it is risky to text or talk on the phone.
  • Drugged driving is becoming a bigger issue. In response to legalization in states like Colorado and Washington, the GHSA has strengthened its drugged driving policies. The GHSA is also urging states nationwide to expand administrative revocations of drivers’ licenses for people who are suspected of being impaired by drugs and who refuse to submit to a drug test. Administrative revocation of a driver’s license for a period of time is already a common penalty when someone refuses to submit to a blood alcohol concentration test (BAC test).
  • Motorcycle accident safety needs to become a bigger priority. Despite a seven percent decline in deaths among motorcycle riders last year, there has been no overall reduction in collisions or increase in motorcycle safety for the past 15 years. The GHSA published a report on the need for broader safety efforts and the risks motorcycle riders face, which was published in 20 publications and prompted advocates in four states to renew a push for universal motorcycle helmet laws.

The GHSA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are also collaborating on implementing the Moving Head for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) law, which President Barack Obama signed into law in July of 2012 in order to provide federal funding for transportation programs nationwide.

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