Medical malpractice can be responsible for injuries at birth. These injuries can lead to various types of paralysis or death. Improper delivery methods can cause damage to nerves in the spinal cord, arms, or legs. Lack of prompt action by an obstetrician during a difficult birthing situation could lead to a lack of oxygen to the infant’s brain, which can be a cause of paralysis.

Cerebral palsy can be the result of medical malpractice. This is a neurological disorder that often impacts muscle coordination. This can range from minor fine motor skill problems to difficulty walking. This condition can also affect hearing, vision, and learning.

Erb’s palsy, a form of brachial plexus birth palsy, can also be caused by medical malpractice. Erb’s palsy is often caused when the baby’s neck is stretched too much to one side during a difficult delivery. This causes nerve damage that impacts the arm and shoulder.

Medication errors can also cause birth injuries. Pharmaceutical mistakes when filling a prescription, giving an overdose on medication, giving a mother another patient’s medicine, or combining some medications can cause harm to the baby. All medications given to a mother during the delivery process will transfer to the baby through the umbilical cord and could cause problems for the infant.

A baby that experiences trauma during birth could require a lifetime of care that results in high medical bills.

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