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Fetal asphyxia is a medical term used to describe a serious condition in which the oxygen supply is reduced to the fetus in the mother or during child birth. The child could be born with cerebral palsy or another birth disorder that affects a child’s brain or nervous system.

In many cases, doctors could have prevented a child from being born with fetal asphyxia. Families who have been affected by a doctor’s negligence may feel powerless when facing insurance companies, but they can level the playing field. Don’t hesitate to contact a Louisville child birth injury lawyer who can help you hold doctors and hospitals accountable for their actions. Choose an honest, hard-working fetal asphyxia lawyer who helps families throughout Kentucky.

Even identifying fetal asphyxia cases can be difficult, especially if a doctor misdiagnoses your child’s condition. Medical problems like fetal asphyxia are also sometimes not readily apparent. It might be several years before families are aware that something is wrong. Before it’s too late, contact someone with years of experience handling complicated medical malpractice cases. If your child has died due to fetal asphyxia, the Shelton Law Group can also work with your family to file a wrongful death lawsuit or claim.

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