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When we are sick, we trust our doctor or pharmacist to prescribe the right medication to make us better. When medical professionals prescribe the wrong medication, the consequences can be severe. Instead of getting better, you might actually feel worse and suffer from serious side effects. Some medication errors result in death, which may be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Powerful drugs can be extremely dangerous. In some cases, people suffer anaphylactic shock injuries because they were given the wrong medication.

Don’t suffer in silence. Take action. Contact the Shelton Law Group. Let a no-nonsense, results-driven Louisville medical malpractice attorney help you with your legal needs. When you contact us, we can get to work right away on your case. Doctors or other medical professionals who prescribe the wrong medication need to be held accountable. But that’s often hard to do on your own.

Many doctors will deny giving the wrong medication. They will often claim they prescribed the right medication with the information they had at the time. That’s not good enough. Doctors are not above the law. They need to be held accountable just like everyone else. And the Shelton Law Group can help you do that with your case in Kentucky.

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