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Doctors perform cardiac catheterizations for a variety of medical reasons. By inserting a long, thin tube called a catheter into a person’s arm, thigh or neck, a doctor can diagnose and treat certain heart conditions. In particular, doctors often place dye in a catheter and watch it flow through the blood stream using X-rays. This procedure, known as a coronary angiography, allows doctors to see if there are any blockages in the coronary arteries.

Unfortunately, some doctors perform unnecessary catheterizations. The reason? To make money. It’s as simple as that, and we know it’s wrong. In Kentucky, one hospital has been accused of performing numerous unnecessary catheterizations. At the Shelton Law Group, we can help you if you believe you or a loved one was given an unnecessary catheterization in Louisville, Lexington, London or anywhere in Kentucky. Your case matters here.

Many unnecessary catheterization cases involve Medicare fraud claims. That’s because many of the unnecessary procedures are performed on people covered by Medicare. Such cases not only defraud all taxpayers and the American government, but they also put people unnecessarily at risk. That’s just wrong. That’s why we fight so hard for people victimized by negligent doctors focused more on the bottom line instead of patients’ well-being.

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