Have you been injured in a slip and fall? If so, you need a Louisville slip and fall attorney on your side for several reasons.

Reason Number One To Hire A Louisville Slip And Fall Attorney

The insurance company for the other party will try to pay as little as possible to settle your accident claim.

Insurance companies are “for profit” businesses meaning they are more interested in making a profit than paying large settlement amounts. The insurance company has a team of professionals, including investigators, attorneys, and adjusters, who are focused on limiting the company’s liability. In other words, they fight accident claims to avoid paying the full value of the claim.

Reason Number Two To Hire A Louisville Slip And Fall Attorney

Level the playing field with the insurance company.

As discussed above, the insurance company has a team of professionals working to ensure its best interests are protected. You need someone working to ensure your best interests are protected. You need an attorney who understands the law and who understands how insurance companies work to protect your legal rights.

Reason Number Three To Hire A Louisville Slip And Fall Attorney

Resources to investigate your accident

The insurance company also has endless resources. You need an attorney who has resources to investigate the accident and prepare a strong case. Attorneys have access to investigators, medical professionals, expert witnesses, and accident reconstructionists who can assist with identifying and gathering evidence needed to prove fault and damages.

Reason Number Four To Hire A Louisville Slip And Fall Attorney

Proving fault for the accident

Whether you are injured in a fall, a motor vehicle accident, or another type of personal injury, your recovery depends on your ability to prove another person caused the accident that resulted in your injury. If you cannot prove that another party was responsible for the accident, you cannot hold that person liable for damages.  In other words, you cannot recover money for your injuries and losses if you cannot prove the other person was at fault. An experienced attorney understands the best way to go about proving fault in an accident case.

Reason Number Five To Hire A Louisville Slip And Fall Attorney

Kentucky Personal Injury Laws and Court Rules

When you are pursuing an accident claim, there are certain deadlines you must meet to receive compensation. There are also certain requirements, such as the liability requirement discussed above, that you must meet to recover compensation. An attorney makes sure that all deadlines are met, and all court rules and laws are followed to protect your right to receive compensation for your injuries. If you represent yourself and you make a mistake, your claim could be denied, or your case dismissed. Hiring an attorney protects your legal rights in an accident case.

Call A Louisville Personal Injury Attorney For More Information

Before deciding if you should handle your slip and fall claim, consult an experienced Louisville slip and fall attorney. The Louisville slip and fall attorneys of the Shelton Law Group have the knowledge and experience you need when fighting an insurance company for full compensation for your damages.

Don’t let an insurance adjuster convince you that you don’t need an attorney fighting for your right to receive the maximum compensation allowable by Kentucky’s slip and fall laws.

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