Anyone who has a loved one in a Kentucky nursing home worries about neglect and abuse. It is an extremely difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home; however, it often becomes necessary when the loved one needs skilled care or constant care that the family is unable to provide. Regardless of the reason why a family decides a love done needs skilled care, every family wants to know that their loved one is being given the best care available by skilled, compassionate, and experienced professionals.

Lawsuits vs. Arbitration

A new ruling gives more power to families and nursing home residents who have disputes or allegations of nursing home abuse. The ruling allows patients to file lawsuits against nursing homes when they have disputes or allegations of abuse without the fear of being forced into arbitration.

Most nursing home contracts have clauses that require disputes to be handled in private arbitration proceedings. In other words, if a family filed a lawsuit against a nursing home, the contract they signed required the matter to be handled through mandatory arbitration instead of being handled by the courts. In addition to not having the matter adjudicated in court, the abuse was never made public because the arbitration proceeding was confidential.

The new ruling permits families and residents to file lawsuits against nursing homes and have those matters tried in court instead of settled through arbitration. Nursing homes can no longer hide behind closed doors while settling claims of nursing home abuse.

Watch for Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is not always a case of physical abuse that results in broken bones, bruises, or lacerations. Abuse and neglect can take many forms including mental abuse, financial abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Many forms of abuse do not have any outward signs of physical trauma. Therefore, you must look for other signs of nursing home abuse such as:

  • Withdrawal
  • Loss of appetite/weight
  • Sleeping problems
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Changes in finances
  • Bedsores
  • Vaginal infections
  • Fear of being left alone with staff members
  • Begging family members not to leave
  • Dirty clothing or poor hygiene
  • Unexplained illnesses or injuries
  • Anger or mood changes

If you notice any unexplained changes, investigate further. Ask questions, visit often, and watch staff carefully to look for signs of abuse.

Call A Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you suspect nursing home abuse, contact our office to discuss your situation with an experienced Louisville nursing home abuse attorney. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling abuse and neglect cases. We will help you investigate the matter to determine if your loved one has a valid claim against the nursing home or other parties.

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