Families who are looking to have elderly loved ones cared for, spend large amounts of money to have them stay in long-term care homes. These homes are supposed to be a safe haven for the elderly, with a medical staff available around the clock and workers who are dedicated to assisting those in need.


Unfortunately, thousands of senior citizens are mistreated in these nursing homes and are victims of elder abuse and neglect.


A common misconception amongst people is that abuse only occurs when physical contact takes place. Abuse can occur in many different forms and each one has a negative physiological and hurtful effect on the victim.


Some abuse can come in the form of a verbal tirade. Constant yelling and speaking down to anyone will cause them to become angry or fearful, depending on what is said. When it happens to an elderly person who is unable to defend themselves, the prolonged stress they feel can take a toll on their physical well-being also.


In order to prevent elder neglect and abuse, watch closely for bruises and cuts, dehydration, or nervous and unusual behavior.


It is very important to speak to elderly family members who live on their own or in senior citizen homes often to make sure everything is okay. Be sure to listen to the tone of their voice and watch their face to see if they are being honest when they say things are good. Many victims of abuse are ashamed or feel as if it is their fault somehow. Others do not want to become a burden or cause trouble in fear of worse treatment.


If you notice these signs, be sure to contact the proper authorities. It may be the senior care administrator, the state or county’s family services agency, or even the police. If one of these groups do not respond in a timely manner, then take your concerns to one of the other groups. And if none of this is having any effect, speak to an attorney who specializes in senior and family care.