Have you fallen in a parking lot? Did you slip on something in the store and fall? Did you fall while you were getting off an escalator or an elevator? There are hundreds of places that you can fall as you go about your daily routines. You could even fall on your neighbor’s property or your friend’s property. If you fall on another person’s property, regardless of whether that property is private or commercial, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. However, the steps you take following a slip and fall accident are important.

Steps to Take After a Slip And Fall

If you are searching for a Louisville slip and fall attorney, it may be too late to take some of the following steps; however, it is good information in the event you have another slip and fall accident or a family member is injured in a slip and fall.

  • Gather Information at the Accident Scene – If possible, take pictures of the scene at the time of your fall. The property owners may change things after your fall; therefore, it is a good idea to preserve this evidence with photographs. Ask for the names and contact information for any eyewitnesses in addition to the name and contact information for the property owner.
  • See Your Doctor – Even if you believe you are not seriously injured, you need to see a doctor for two reasons. First, the aches and pains you feel may be an indication of a more serious injury. Second, you need to document your injuries for your accident claim. If you cannot prove you were injured, you will not be able to collect damages. Putting off seeing a physician can harm your health and hurt your accident claim.
  • Make Notes – As soon as possible, make write down everything you can remember about your slip and fall accident. Include what you were doing before the accident and what happened after the accident. Even the smallest detail may help your case. Do not forget to include information about conversations you had and statements you overhead. Over time, memories fade; therefore, it is important to make notes while the incident is fresh on your mind.
  • Keep Clothing – Keep the clothing and the shoes you were wearing at the time of your slip and fall accident. Preserve them in case your attorney needs them.
  • Don’t Talk To The Insurance Adjuster – The insurance adjuster will try to convince you to provide a statement and sign a medical release before you consult with an attorney. This is not in your best interest. The adjuster may even offer to pay your medical bills, but you would need to sign a release. Don’t sign any documents or provide a written or recorded statement until you speak with an attorney.
  • Don’t Discuss Your Fall On Social Media – The attorney for the property owner will search social media to look for evidence he can use against you. In a lawsuit, the judge may grant access to your social media accounts. Therefore, do not discuss your accident or your recovery on social media.
  • Hire An Attorney – Contact our office as soon as possible. The sooner you are represented by an attorney, the sooner your rights are protected.

Have You Been Hurt In A Fall?

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