Many of us want to be able to live on our own for as long as possible. However, as we age, we are not able to do the things we once did without assistance. Problems with vision, hearing, and movement can limit our ability to care for ourselves. However, with some adjustments, your elderly loved one may continue to live on their own or live one their own with some assistance.

Medication Safety

There are many safety concerns that you need to address with your elderly loved one. One of the most serious medication safety concerns is not taking prescribed medications. The other main concern with medications is taking too much medication. Elderly patients may forget if they have taken their medications; therefore, setting up a system to help them remember is essential.

You can use a calendar to help your loved one remember when to take his or her medication. A labeled pill box can also be very useful. You can purchase pill boxes by the week or month. They are also available with morning, noon, and night slots for medications. By using a pill box, it is easy for you to check to see if your loved one has skipped any doses. In the event your loved one cannot handle taking his or her medication, consider administering medication yourself or hiring a caregiver to do so.

Home Modifications

Falls are one of the biggest hazards for seniors. To reduce the risk of falls in the home, install bars in the bathroom and rails along stairs or inclines. Also, secure area rugs over slippery surfaces to reduce the risk of a slip and fall. Another way to avoid falls is to increase the level of lighting in the home. Consider having the home inspected by a professional with experience in modifying homes for elderly residents or disabled residents.

Alarm Systems and Personal Emergency Response Systems

You have probably seen the commercials advertising personal emergency response systems that allow elderly or disabled individuals to push a button to summon emergency assistance. While the commercials may be “corny,” they do highlight a real need for seniors. Elderly loved ones need a way to call for emergency assistance if they are unable to get to a telephone.  A medical alert system can be the answer to that problem.

If your loved one is a flight risk due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you may want to install alarms on your doors to alert you when the door is opened. This can prevent a confused senior from getting lost or injured because he or she gets out of the house without your knowledge.

Hiring A Caregiver

If you determine that you need a caregiver to assist with your loved one, you need to take precautions to ensure that the person you hire is qualified and compassionate. AARP provides information and tips for hiring an in-home caregiver.

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