Sadly, many of us do not think about restraining our pets when we take them in our vehicle. So many of us treat our pets like family members, but we never think about their safety, or the hazard they can pose, when they are riding in a vehicle unrestrained.

An AAA/Kurgo survey from 2011 revealed that about 83 percent of respondents believed an unrestrained dog could be dangerous in a moving vehicle. However, only 16 percent of those respondents said they used a pet restraint for their dog. Drivers also admitted to being distracted by their dog. Over half of the respondents admitted to petting their dog while driving and 23 percent admitted to using their hands or arms to hold the dog in place when applying the brakes. Almost 20 percent of drivers admitted to taking at least one hand off the steering wheel to keep their dog from climbing into the front seat.

What Can I Do?

Even though the vast majority of people agreed that having an unrestrained dog in a vehicle was dangerous, most didn’t think to restrain their dogs and many more participated in dangerous actions. Do not allow yourself to be a statistic. Take steps to ensure that you and your pet are safe when riding in a vehicle — begin by choosing the right car restraint for your pet.

There are several types of pet restraints you can purchase for your animal. A travel crate or carrier is one option. These carriers are like larger crates that you use in your home but are small enough for travel. Carriers are good for smaller animals but are not suited for large animals.

Special seatbelts and harnesses can allow your pet to ride in comfort but remain restrained. Using a harness with a seatbelt attachment prevents your pet from jumping around in the vehicle while also protecting your pet if you are involved in an accident. For very large dogs, a barrier can be used to keep your dog in the very back of the vehicle.  You can choose from temporary, flexible barriers and permanent barriers depending on your needs.

The important thing is that you take steps to restrain your animal when traveling in a vehicle. You do not want your pet to be a distraction that can cause an accident nor do you want your pet injured in the event of a crash. For more travel safety tips, visit the ASPCA’s website or Consumer Report’s website.

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