The Shelton Law Group is currently investigating a claim that could result in the first known product liability lawsuit being filed against Bio-Met, the manufacturer of a knee/cartilage replacement prosthesis. The patient/client in question had a Bio-Met manufactured knee joint prosthesis put in both of his knees approximately seven years ago. Approximately two years ago, this individual began to experience numerous neurological symptoms, including pain in his feet and toes, dizziness/loss of balance and numerous other symptoms. After seeing several different specialists, it was determined that our client had extremely high levels of both chromium and cobalt in his bloodstream and that the most probable cause of this metal blood contamination was the metal-to-metal wear from his Bio-Met knee joint replacement. Therefore, the client is scheduled to have one of the Bio-Met knees replaced soon and the other knee replaced as soon as possible thereafter. Shelton Law Group has arranged to obtain the Bio-Met replacement knees from the client’s medical providers and have them examined by experts.

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