Louisville had six pedestrian deaths in 2012. Pedestrians accounted for 10 percent of traffic fatalities within the city. Louisville is taking steps to try to reduce the number of pedestrians killed and, as the Washington Times reports, is one of just three cities who have been given a traffic safety grant from the federal government to implement pedestrian safety programs. Louisville will be spending the $307,000 the city receives to build safe walking routes for seniors; to start a pedestrian education program for kids; and to train law enforcement. pedestrian-crossing-sign-949267-m

Personal injury lawyer in Louisville should be consulted after pedestrian accidents because victims may be able to make a claim for compensation from those responsible.  Drivers are often at fault for pedestrian collisions, but there may be others who share the blame as well including bicyclists, roller bladders and cafe or business owners that obstruct sidewalks or otherwise create hazards or impediments to traffic. While there are many contributing factors to pedestrian crashes, the Globe and Mail recently discussed one phenomenon that could contribute to pedestrian injuries and deaths: sidewalk rage.

Sidewalk Rage and Pedestrian Accident Risks

Perhaps it’s a bad coin of phrase but the risks are no less real. Pedestrians may be faced with rude people sharing sidewalks who slow the flow of pedestrian traffic or who present hazards. This can cause the pedestrians to become frustrated and to make unsafe decisions that can lead to collisions. How often we here “he just darted out into traffic.”

Common causes of pedestrian frustration can include those who walk in large groups side-by-side and who block the flow of traffic. Parents with large carriages that they aren’t in control of can also cause other pedestrians undue hassle. A walker who is annoyed and not focused on the road may step into the path of traffic and potentially get seriously hurt or be killed.

Pedestrians face other risks as well. For example, roller bladders, skate boarders and people on scooters may use sidewalks unsafely. These individuals could collide with a pedestrian and cause injury. They could potentially be held legally liable,  just as drivers are responsible for compensating those hit with vehicles.

Finally, many pedestrians are distracted as they walk. It is common for pedestrians  to text, to send emails, to access the Internet and read items on their phone, and to eat or drink as they walk. A pedestrian who is not paying attention to the road could also step out onto traffic and become involved in a crash.

Pedestrians who are partly to blame for their own accidents should not assume they won’t be able to obtain compensation. Kentucky is a pure comparative fault state, which means that a pedestrian could pursue a claim for compensation against a driver who is partly at fault.  The pedestrian’s compensation for accident losses would be reduced based on the percentage of fault that the pedestrian bears.

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