Anybody who received the drug Infuse between 2000 and 2010 will be interested in the status of a
possible Infuse class action lawsuit.
The case is beginning to pick up some momentum as the government has become interested in it.
From 2000 to 2010 doctors had published 13 clinical reports that were used to promote the drug
Throughout the years, when these reports were published in various medical journals, the doctors
downplayed or completely failed to mention the serious side effects that accompany the use of these
Infuse and its sister product, Amplify, have been found to cause cancer, unwanted bone growth,
nerve damage, and infertility in men. This is why Kentucky attorney Rob Shelton is representing
individuals who have been diagnosed with any of these diseases after receiving Infuse or Amplify
during spine fusion surgery.
The patients were subjected to a drug that had a known side effect of causing infertility and they
were not informed. Worse, the doctors who wrote the journal articles were being sponsored by
Medtronic’s, the company responsible for the creation of Infuse. They were paid to write reports
and help promote Medtronic’s company name Infuse. Medtronic has made a tremendous amount of
money from this drug.
However, the patients that the drug was being used on were unaware of the potential hazards they
were facing while being exposed to the drug, because the doctors did not discuss the side effects in
their articles.
The status of Infuse litigation is in the beginning phases, but don’t expect it to go away any time
Two US Senators — Senator Max Baucus and Senator Charles Grassley — have sent letters to
Medtronic, requesting documentation about the drugs and its effects. Medtronic will have a number
of questions to answer regarding why they didn’t share the knowledge they had on the dangers of
the drug with the public. The doctors who wrote the reports and backed the usage of the drugs
while taking payments from Medtronic will have questions to answer as well. The Senate has begun
an investigation into the medical giant’s practice.
We are asking anyone who was given Infuse during spine fusion surgery to contact our hotline at
888-761-7204, or to visit our website at