What Is The Treatment For Bedsores?

Bedsores are common signs of nursing home abuse.  Even though you will probably not administer medical treatment yourself for bedsores, it helps to understand the various medical treatments for bedsores so you can ensure your loved one is receiving the best medical help possible to recover from bedsores. Our Kentucky elder abuse attorneys handle cases involving bedsores because of nursing home abuse. If you suspect nursing home abuse, contact our Kentucky elder abuse attorneys by calling 1-888-761-7204 to request a free case evaluation and legal consultation. Learn about your loved one’s legal rights and options for holding the abuser responsible for his or her actions. […]

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Can Elder Abuse Occur In A Hospital?

When we discuss elder abuse, we typically think of nursing home abuse. While seniors are often the victim of abuse in nursing homes, the elderly are also at risk for elder abuse in the hospital. Knowing the risks and signs of abuse is the first step in preventing elder abuse. Forms Of Elder Abuse or Neglect In Hospitals Elderly patients are at risk for certain forms of neglect or abuse in hospitals. Forms of abuse older patients are at risk for during a hospital stay include: Bed Sores – If an adult cannot reposition himself or herself, pressure ulcers (i.e. bed sores) can form. Bed sores can lead to serious medical conditions if not treated quickly. Falls – Seniors are at a high risk for falls. When they are under the influence of medications that can make the drowsy or disoriented, falls become more of a risk. Malnutrition – Some elderly patients have problems eating. If someone does not feed them, they may suffer from malnutrition. This can impede recovery, in addition to causing other health problems. New Medications – If the medical staff is not careful when administering new medications, elderly patients could have an adverse reaction because of other medications they are taking. Elderly patients often are on numerous medications. They may not remember all of the medications they have been taken when answering questions for medical staff. Infectious Disease – All patients in a hospital are at risk for catching an infectious disease. However, the elderly often have a compromised immune system that makes them very susceptible to infectious diseases such as pneumonia and MRS. […]

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