What Evidence Is Used In A DUI Accident Case?

As discussed in one of our previous blogs about DUI accidents during the holidays, we anticipate an increase in DUI incidents in Kentucky throughout the holidays. Alcoholic beverages are a part of the holiday celebrations for many individuals. For some, spiced cider or rum eggnog during the holidays is a staple.  However, there are individuals who will over-indulge during the holidays. If those individuals choose to drive after consuming alcohol, the results can be tragic. If you are injured in a DUI accident, it is important that you take steps to protect your legal right to recover compensation for your injuries. A conviction of drunk driving or other criminal charge does not guarantee you will receive compensation from the drunk driver’s insurance company. We urge you to contact our office at 888-761-7204 to discuss your legal options with an experienced Lexington DUI accident attorney. […]