Common Terms Used In Lexington Personal Injury Cases

If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle crash, fall, or other personal injury accident, you will likely hear many terms that you have never used before, unless you have a previous accident claim. Therefore, it can be overwhelming at first until you learn some of the legal terms used in your case. Below are common terms we use in a personal injury case. Common Legal Terms Used In Accident Cases Affidavit: A sworn statement of facts provided by one of the parties to the accident, an eyewitness, expert, or other party related to the case. Adjuster: An adjuster works for the insurance company. The adjuster conducts an accident investigation, assesses the claim, and negotiates a settlement for the claim. Bodily Injury Claim – This claim covers the costs and damages related to your physical injuries. The claim includes financial and non-financial damages, explained below. Contingency Fee: Refers to a percentage of the compensation an accident victim receives that is paid to the attorney for representing the victim. The attorney only receives payment if the attorney obtains compensation on behalf of the accident victim. Damages: In personal injury cases, damages refer to the compensation awarded to an injury victim to compensate the victim for his injuries and losses. Defendant: The party against whom you file a lawsuit. In other words, the person or entity who caused your injuries. Expert Witness: A person whose education and experience qualify him or her to provide specialized testimony regarding the case. Eyewitness: An eyewitness is a person who sees the accident as it happens. […]

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Do I Need Special Motorcycle Insurance In Kentucky?

Motorcycle accidents result in traumatic injuries each day in the United States. Because a motorcyclist lacks the protection of being in a vehicle, the injuries sustained in a crash are usually severe and costly. It is not uncommon for the damages in a motorcycle crash to reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars when you include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, future damages, physical pain, and emotional suffering. It can be very risky to ride a motorcycle these days given the number of accidents caused by distracted and reckless drivers. In order to protect yourself and protect your family, you need to understand the insurance coverage available to motorcyclists in Kentucky. Every motorcyclist should carry both uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage in order to protect themselves in the event of a motorcycle crash. […]

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