Drunk Suits Teach Teens About Drunk Driving

Would you put your child in beer goggles and a drunk suit? If you have doubts, you should view Jeff Rossen’s attempt to drive in a drunk suit and beer goggles for a story on the Today Show. While Rossen performed perfectly on the obstacle course before putting on the equipment, he failed the roadside sobriety tests, and he miserably failed the driving course once he put on the goggles and suit. The beer goggles and the drunk suit is a tool used by Ford Driving Skills for Life to educate teens on safe driving skills. It is very important that we have open and honest discussions about drinking and driving with our teen drivers. The recent DUI accident during a Mardi Gras parade this year is a perfect example of the damage a few seconds can do. Parents and teachers should use all the tools and resources at their disposal to teach teen drivers that drinking and driving is not worth the risk. While the risk of criminal charges is frightening, the thought of taking another person’s life because you chose to drink and drive should be overwhelming for a teen driver. […]