Child Suffers Brain Injury In Louisville Hit And Run Accident

The Courier-Journal is reporting a hit and run accident that left a child with serious brain injury. According to the news story written by Danielle Lerner, a 9-year old child was struck by a vehicle in the 1000 block of East Broadway near Barret Avenue. The tragic accident occurred on February 2 around 9:09 p.m. The child’s mother had stopped her vehicle in the median to allow her daughter to go back inside a dance studio to retrieve a forgotten item. The child was running around the rear of her vehicle toward the sidewalk when a white vehicle struck her. She was thrown approximately 50 feet and came to rest under a parked vehicle. Bystanders helped lift the rear of the vehicle to free the trapped child.  The vehicle did not stop. Law enforcement officials are still investigating.  The driver of the vehicle may face criminal charges associated with the hit and run accident. The girl was transported from the accident scene to Norton’s Children Hospital. She suffered an injury to her leg in addition to serious brain injuries. […]