Evidence Used In A Large Truck Accident Case

According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 761 people died in crashes on Kentucky roads in 2015. This represents a 13 percent increase in deaths from motor vehicle accidents from 2014. Deaths involving large trucks in Kentucky increased by 19 percent from 68 deaths in 2014 to 81 deaths in 2015. Large truck accidents are extremely dangerous for the occupants of other vehicles. In a large majority of crashes, the passengers of other vehicles sustain the injuries and deaths from the collision. In 2014, occupants of other vehicles comprised 73 percent of the deaths in large truck accidents. Of the people injured in large truck accidents during 2014, 74 percent were passengers of other vehicles. One of the main reasons for the large difference in who sustains the injuries and deaths in a commercial truck accident is the difference in size and weight of the vehicle. A passenger vehicle is no match for a commercial truck in a collision.  The passenger vehicle does not afford the same level of protection that a semi-tractor does for its occupants. Therefore, we see horrific and traumatic injuries for the people in the other vehicles. […]