Vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19 years. According to an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader, 450,000 teens are injured and 5,000 teens die in car accidents each year. The article discusses how many teens view driving a motor vehicle as an entitlement instead of a privilege that carries immense responsibility.

Teach Your Teen That Driving Is A Privilege

A person has a different attitude when they view something as a privilege. This implies the thing can be taken away if they don’t live up to specific standards. Instill this attitude in your teen by setting up parameters which he or she must follow to continue to have the privilege of driving a motor vehicle. Many parents make getting good grades as part of the requirement to continue having driving privileges. This also reinforces the concept of responsibility.

Protecting Your Teen Driver From Harm

Lack of experience is one reason teens get into traffic accidents. Even responsible teen drivers may not know how to react in certain situations. Teach your teen driver safe driving habits to help them avoid accidents.

Tips for helping your teen driver be safe on the road:

Set a no-cellphone rule while drivingIf your car is equipped with hands-free communication, don’t allow your teen to use it while driving. Talking on a phone can lead to a distracted driving accident, even if his or her hands are on the steering wheel.

Limit the number of passengers – Even when your teen has a full driver’s license, you should limit the number of passengers that can be in the car at one time to reduce the level of distraction.

Teach teens how to use technology – Thanks to new technology, vehicles are safer, but only if you understand how the technology works. For instance, lane assist systems alert you when you’re moving into the wrong lane and blind spot monitors let you know when a vehicle is coming along beside you. Teach your teen drivers about these systems and how to use them for added protection.

Set speed limits – Many vehicles are now equipped with limits for speed and audio volume that you can set automatically, even if you aren’t in the car. If your vehicle is not equipped with this technology, consider purchasing a device that monitors speed and notifies you when your teen driver exceeds the speed limit.

Ride with your teen in new situations – Teaching your child how to handle new driving situations is important. Riding with your teen driver as he or she is exposed to new driving situations allows you to give real-time instruction and tips. Ride with your child at night, during inclement weather, in heavy traffic, on the interstate, and in other driving situations that your teen driver will encounter as they continue to drive.

Explain that safe driving may mean stopping to call you – If your teen driver is drowsy, tired, lost, or if he or she has been consuming alcohol, your teen should know to call you instead of driving. Make sure your teenager knows you will always come get him or her regardless of the situation.

Use Local News As A  Resource

Use local news stories of car accidents to help your teen understand what can happen out on the road. Talk about the details of the car accident and what might have caused the accident. Then discuss how the driver may have avoided the traffic accident. Having this type of conversation will help prepare your teen driver for real-life situations. If your teen driver has a plan of action, he or she may avoid causing or being the victim of a car accident.

For more information about safe driving tips for teenagers, visit the NHTSA’s website or AAA’s website.

Do You Need A Louisville, KY Accident Attorney?

If you child has been injured in a car accident, your first priority is medical treatment. However, you should also contact a Louisville car accident attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies like to place all of the blame for traffic accidents on teen drivers. You need an attorney on your side who is willing to fight for your teen driver’s right to recover compensation for his or her injuries.

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