The last thing that most families want to do is place their loved one in a nursing home. However, some family members need medical or personal care that that family cannot provide. A nursing home is the best place for their loved one to receive the care he or she needs. Unfortunately, choosing the right nursing home can be difficult.

Most families worry about nursing home abuse, so they agonize over the decision where to place their loved one for long-term care. Below are some suggestions and tips for choosing a nursing home from our Louisville nursing home abuse attorneys.

Choosing the Best Kentucky Nursing Home for Your Loved One

The first step is to get together the items you need to begin your search for a nursing home. Get copies of your loved one’s financial records, so you can discuss payment options with the nursing homes you are considering. Have an honest and open discussion with your loved one about his or her desires for a skilled care facility.  What are some of the important elements your loved one is looking for when entering a nursing home?

You must also discuss the services and level of care your loved one requires with his or her doctor. It is important to choose a nursing home that provides the services and level of care your loved one needs. As you visit each nursing home, have a list of the services required as well as your loved one’s desires at hand to discuss whether the nursing home meets these requirements.  You can find a list of services provided by nursing homes and a list of questions to ask on the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities website.

Visit the nursing homes you are considering more than once. If possible, visit the nursing home unannounced and at different times to observe the staff and residents. Always try to visit during meal time to watch how staff members interact and assist residents with meals.

Contact the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services to request a copy of the annual facility inspections for any nursing home you are considering. Review the inspections to ensure there are no problems with the nursing home. Also, try to talk to family members who visit their loved ones to ask for personal references. If you visit the nursing home several times, you can likely find family members visiting their loved ones. If you ask the facility for references, you will receive a carefully compiled list of individuals the nursing home knows will provide positive references.

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Do You Need a Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

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