Metallosis is a serious medical condition in which metallic debris builds up in the soft tissues of the body. A major cause of this condition comes from medical devices such as artificial hip implants and artificial knee joint replacements.

Metallosis has also been observed in some patients either sensitive to the implant or for unknown reasons even in the absence of mal-positioned prosthesis. Though rare, metallosis has been observed at an estimated incidence of 5% of metal joint implant patients over the last 40 years. Women may be at slightly higher risk than men. If metallosis occurs, it may involve the hip and knee joints, the shoulder, wrist, or elbow joints.

The symptoms caused by metallosis differs from traditional metal poisoning in that they are mediated by the immune system rather than the metal ions competing with and displacing the body’s essential minerals which interferes with organ system function.

Individuals at risk for metallosis include those individuals who have received DePuy-ASR Hip XL Acetabular System or DePuy-ASR Hip Resurfacing System since July of 2003. Likewise, individuals that have undergone a total knee replacement and have subsequently been diagnosed with above normal levels of cobalt or chromium may have developed metallosis as a result of a defective knee implant or prosthesis.

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