Applebee’s Tip Sharing Lawsuit.

The Shelton Law Group is handling a significant lawsuit involving illegal “tip sharing” allegations against an Applebee’s restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. Kentucky labor attorney Rob Shelton filed the lawsuit on Oct. 15, 2013, in Whitley Circuit Court against Quality Restaurant Concepts, LLC (QRC), an Alabama company that owns Applebee’s in Corbin.  The lawsuit, which alleges that the restaurant chain cheated current and former employees out of tips and wages, is asking for back pay to 2008, when the business opened in Corbin.

How a Labor Attorney Can Help.

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The affected employees were servers or “tipped employees” who normally are exempt under federal and state law from normal minimum wage requirements.  Under the law, an employee who receives tips totaling $30 or more per month can be paid $2.13 an hour instead of the mandated minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

A Closer Look at the Applebee’s Complaint.

This exemption for employers in Kentucky only applies if the employees can keep all the tips they received. The lawsuit alleges that Applebee’s shared a portion of the tips with non-tipped employees. The tipped employees were forced to give up 20 percent of the tips they received.

In most states, tip-sharing is not illegal. Many multi-state employees have an across-the-board policy that calls for workers to surrender a percentage of their tips. In Kentucky, however, employers must pay regular minimum wage if they take any tips from employees.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet had been investigating the Corbin restaurant for more than a year and prior to the filing of the lawsuit. Applebee’s in Corbin also has been cited for wage violations. About 80 affidavits from current and former Applebee’s employees have been filed with labor officials regarding the wage dispute.

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The lawsuit is seeking to award the employees an extra $5.12 per hour they worked to bring them up to minimum wage and also asks to return all tips taken by the restaurant for redistribution.  In addition, the complaint is asking for punitive damages, attorney fees and post- and pre-judgment interest.

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