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Non-compete agreements are legally binding agreements in which one party agrees not to start a similar business, sometimes for a specified amount of time. Creating or interpreting such agreements can often be extremely challenging, which is why it’s important you have someone on your side who thoroughly understands such agreements and contract law in Kentucky.

The Louisville-based Shelton Law Group has successfully represented many employees and companies in legal actions contesting the enforceability of non-compete agreements in employment agreements/contracts. The law concerning non-compete agreements is constantly changing. It is therefore essential that an employer/company retain a law firm experienced in this area of the law when challenging or defending a non-compete agreement in an employment contract or when drafting non-compete agreements.

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The Shelton Law Group recently was hired to defend a former employee who was sued in Kentucky by a former employer to enforce a non-compete agreement he signed. The Shelton Law Group filed a response to the former employer’s motion for a restraining order seeking to prevent its former employee from working for a competitor during the pendency of its lawsuit against him. This response raises numerous defenses to the enforcement of non-compete agreements in Kentucky that both employees and employers should be aware of when drafting such agreements and before signing such agreements.  To read the Response Brief  , click on the link below.

Jackson’s Response to Pl’s Verified Motion for RO

There are so many legal issues that need to be considered when dealing with non-compete agreements. How a single sentence is phrased could make a dramatic difference in whether the agreement can stand up to a serious legal challenge. The Shelton Law Group can help you with your non-compete agreement-related issues. They’re also comfortable and familiar with cases involving fraud and business disputes.

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Non-compete agreement cases can be extremely complicated. Leave the details to an experienced, knowledgeable workplace dispute lawyer. At the Shelton Law Group, one of our skilled attorneys can work with you to make sure all your legal needs are addressed. Even if your case seems straightforward, it’s important to have someone on your side that thoroughly understands Kentucky’s legal system and knows how to use that information for your benefit.

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